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Programme for Ethics in Eastern Africa (PEEA) operates in Kenya under the Ecumenical Trust. It is sponsored by the international program <<Ethforderungstrengthening Ethics>> 2005-2008 of Bread for all, the development service of the Protestant Churches in Switzerland.

PEEA coordinates an expanding network of community mobilizers, scholars, professionals, executives, youth representatives and religious leaders interested in the practical application of Ethics (moral norms) with particular reference to the promotion of Responsible Leadership (RL) in the management of public and private resources.

Prof. J.N.K Mugambi
Director, PEEA

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Edited by: Prof. Dr. Christoph Stückelberger and Prof. Dr. J.N.K Mugambi

Applied ethics has to do with integrity, which in turn has to do with respectability and respectfulness. To be respectable, a leader must be respectful of those from whom that leader expects respect and compliance. Respect can only be deserved; it cannot be demanded.

This volume is sponsored by, an international agency concerned with questions such as the following: How to agree on common values in a globalized and interdependent world? How to respect the diversity of values without justifying violation of Human Rights? How to reconcile global and contextual values?

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